Table 2.

Protection of rats by intranasal immunization with killed Rx1AL cells plus CT against intrathoracic infection with serotype 3 pneumococci

ExptImmunogenNo. of dosesMorbidityMortality
No. ill/ total no. (% ill)P vs no Rx1AL−aNo. dead/ total no. (% dead)P vs no Rx1AL−a
1CT242/42 (100)29/42 (69)
CT + Rx1AL218/40 (45)<0.000118/40 (45)0.043
2CT321/24 (87)20/24 (83)
CT + Rx1AL38/25 (32)0.00017/25 (28)0.0001
  • a P values were calculated by the Fisher exact test between groups immunized with Rx1ALplus CT and those immunized with CT alone.