Table 1.

Effect of intranasal immunization on the nasopharyngeal colonization of mice by serotype 6B pneumococci

ImmunogenResults when challenged 2 wk post-immunizations
No. colonized/total no. (% colonized)P vs controla
Without adjuvant
 Control (saline alone)39/44 (85)b
 Live serotype 6B0/10 (0)<0.0001
 Live serotype 145/12 (42)0.0017
 Live serotype 105/12 (42)0.0017
 Killed Rx1AL8/11 (72)0.33
With adjuvant (CT)
 Control (CT alone)10/22 (45)b
 Killed Rx1AL + CT0/29 (0)<0.0001
  • a P values were calculated by the Fisher exact test.

  • b P = 0.002 for comparison between groups that received CT versus saline alone.