Table 4.

Mouse competition assay with CFT073 andtonB derivatives

CFT073 vs.:No. of miceCompetitive indexa
Bladder Kidney
CFT073-TB7b0.02 ± 0.017c0
CFT073-TB(pYUK1) 30.64 ± 0.43d1.11 ± 0.09d
  • a Competitive index is the ratio of output mutant to wild-type bacteria (recovered from the bladder or kidneys) divided by the ratio of input mutant to wild-type bacteria (inoculated into the mouse). A competitive index of <1 indicates that the strain was recovered in lower numbers than the wild type. Zero indicates that no mutant bacteria were recovered from that site.P values were calculated with Student's t test.

  • b Bacteria were not recovered from the kidneys of one of the mice.

  • c P < .001 .

  • d P > .1 .