Table 1.

Characteristics of proteins deduced from the putative genes found in B. melitensis 16M DNA inserts of plasmids pNV31112 and pNV31109a

ProteinStarting nucleotide (putative start codon)Ending nucleotideTranscription strandNo. of amino acidsSize (kDa)Cellularblocalization
Bme19d586 (ATG) and 970 (CTG)2082Direct498 and 37054.6 and 40.3C
Bme16e2199 (ATG)3479Direct42643.7CM
Bme17e4331 (ATG)3675Reverse21824.9C
Bme205137 (ATG)4328Reverse26931.0CM
Bme216441 (ATG)5140Reverse43349.1C
Bme226731 (ATG)7285Direct18421.1C
Bme238561 (ATG)7248Reverse43748.7C
Bme249661 (ATG)8600Reverse35338.9CM
Bme2511116 (ATG)9782Reverse44448.3P
Bme2612456 (ATG)11095Reverse45349.2C
Bme2713723 (ATG)12494Reverse40945.5C
Bme2813990 (ATG)15231Direct41345.2CM
Bme2916200 (ATG)15187Reverse33737.5C
Bme3017709 (ATG)16216Reverse49753.6CM
Bme3118002 (ATG)19123Direct37339.9CM
Bme1e19120 (ATG)20001Direct29327.5OM or CM
  • a For pNV31109, only the putative genes not previously described (57) are shown.

  • b The most probable cellular localization of each protein was determined with the PSORT program ( ). C, cytoplasm; CM, cytoplasmic membrane; OM, outer membrane; P, periplasm.

  • c Only DNA encoding the C-terminal end of Bme18 was cloned in pNV31112. Therefore, the start position, number of amino acids, size, and cellular localization are not given for this protein.

  • d A stop codon was found in the B. melitensis 16M bme19 nucleotide sequence at position 751, which might block the transduction of the hypothetical Bme19 protein. This stop codon was found in the B. abortus and the three B. melitensis biovars reference strains but not in the other Brucella species reference strains. Data for the two possible Brucella Bme19 proteins are shown.

  • e Bme1, Bme16, and Bme17 partial coding sequences have been previously described in B. melitensis(Bme1 and Bme16) or B. abortus (Bme16 and Bme17) (57).