Table 2.

I.M.A.G.E. arraya

Time (category)bEncoded proteinGene accession no.Fold difference
0.75 h (I)AAC-11 (apoptosis inhibitor)U8385712.8
Protein disulfide isomerase related-protein P5D494897.2
0.75 h (D)α-NACX809093.7
HnRNP A1 isoformM843342.3
p23 tumor-associated proteinZ468052.2
Poly(A) binding proteinY003452.2
TRA-1 (tumor rejection antigen)X151872.2
Elongin BL428562.0
L apoferritinX037421.8
Sm protein GX853731.9
Ribosomal protein L28U149691.7
Guanine nucleotide binding protein G, α subunitM146311.7
3 h (I)Poly(A) binding proteinY003452.1
3 h (D)AAC-11 (apoptosis inhibitor)U838575.1
24 h (D)Transcription factor BTF3P202908.8
Thymosin β4M177335.5
Iduroate sulfateL354852.9
L apoferritinX037422.8
Integral membrane protein E16M802442.7
Sm protein GX853732.3
A52 extension proteinS795222.1
Guanine nucleotide binding protein G, α subunitM146312.0
AAC-11 (apoptosis inhibitor)U838571.7
  • a Gene transcripts in Kato 3 gastric epithelial cells that demonstrate differential expression at 45 min and 3 and 24 h after culture with H. pylori cagPAI+ NCTC 11637 and G50, which lacks the cagPAI.

  • b I, NCTC 11637 > G50; D, NCTC 11637 < G50.