Table 1.

Infection course as a function of the ratio of number positive to total number infected

GroupNo. positive/total no. infected on day postinfectiond
p47p h o x−/− + L-NMMAa 13/1313/1312/1312/136/131/13e 2/130/40/4
p47p h o x−/− +l-arginineb 13/1313/1313/1312/1310/126/114/111/110/11
WT C57BL/6 +l-argininec 10/1010/1010/1010/108/108/104/101/100/10
  • a p47phox−/−mice treated with 50 mM L-NMMA in drinking water.

  • b p47phox−/− mice treated with 50 mM l-arginine in drinking water.

  • c Wild-type C57BL/6 mice treated with 50 mMl-arginine in drinking water.

  • d Numbers represent numbers of animals culture-positive for C. trachomatis by genital swab of the total number tested.

  • e Statistical significance was achieved when L-NMMA-treated p47phox−/− mice were compared to either l-arginine-treated p47phox−/− mice ( P = 0.0007 ) or l-arginine-treated C57BL/6 mice ( P = 0.023 ) by Fisher's exact test.