Table 2.

Gross pathological outcome subsequent to infection

GroupStatusHydrosalpinx formation (%)aPvalue(s)b
WT (C57BL/6)Infected14/28 (50.0)<0.0001c
Uninfected0/20 (0.0)
NOS2 −/− Infected18/20 (90) 0.005d
Uninfected0/20 (0.0)
p47p h o x−/−Infected8/36 (22.2) 0.041c, 0.033d
Uninfected0/20 (0.0)
p47p h o x−/− + L-NMMAInfected17/20 (85) 0.016d, <0.0001e
  • a Represents the total number of hydrosalpinges formed of the total number of oviducts assessed.

  • b P values were determined using Fisher's exact test.

  • c Compared to uninfected mice in the same group.

  • d Compared to WT infected C57BL/6 mice.

  • e Compared to p47phox−/− controls.

  • f ND, not done.