Table 2.

Effect of a neutralizing anti-TNF-α antibody on the percentage of apoptotic cells in monocyte cultures infected withB. suis or activated with E. coli LPS,B. suis LPS, or TNF-αa

Anti-TNF-α monoclonal Ab treatment%b of apoptotic cells with:
ControlB. suis infectionE. coliLPSB. suis LPSTNF-α
35 ± 87 ± 39 ± 321 ± 7*9 ± 4
+34 ± 96 ± 425 ± 733 ± 5*31 ± 8
  • a Monocytes were cultured in complete medium in the presence (or not) of 0.5 μg of E. coli LPS per ml, 0.5 μg of B. suis LPS per ml, or 1,000 U of TNF-α per ml, or after B. suis infection, in RPMI 1640 as described in Materials and Methods. Neutralizing anti-TNF-α antibody (2.5 μg/ml) was added (or not) to the different cultures. Forty-eight hours later, percentages of apoptotic cells in the different cell cultures were measured by microscopic techniques with fluorescein-labeled annexin V.

  • b Values are means and standard deviations from four different experiments. ∗, significantly different (P < 0.05) as shown by a paired t test.