Table 2.

Number of low-usage codons in individual 85 antigen genes

Usage in E. coliaCodonsNo. of codonsb
Least-used codons (<8%)AGA, AGG, CGA, CGG, ATA, CTA, CCC, TCG232425
Adjacent least-used codons02 pairs0
 9 to 12%GGA, CTC, CTT, TTG, TTA, ACA, TCA101118
 13 to 15%GGG, CCT, TCG4124
Total low-usage codons374747
  • a Usage in E. coli taken from work by Zhang et al. (25). Percent values refer to the percent occurrence of the codon relative to its synonymous codon family.

  • b Total number of codons within the open reading frame of the exoprotein.