Table 1.

Mycobacterium interspecies distribution oftb7.3, tb10.4, cfp10, and esat-6

SpeciesSourceaDistribution of the following geneb
M. tuberculosisH37RvATCC 27294++++
M. bovis MNC 27SSId++++
BCG Danish 1331SSIe++
BCG TokyoWHO++
M. aviumATCC 15769++
M. intracellulareATCC 15985++
M. kansasiiATCC 12478+++
M. marinumATCC 927++++
M. scrofulaceumATCC 19275
M. fortuitumATCC 6841
M. xenopiIsolated from a Danish patient+
M. szulgaiIsolated from a Danish patient+++
  • a ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, Va.; SSI, Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen Denmark; WHO, World Health Organization.

  • b The analysis was done by Southern blotting. +, positive reaction; −, no reaction.

  • c Data obtained from reference15.

  • d Specifically from the Mycobacteria Department at SSI.

  • e Specifically from the BCG Laboratory at SSI.