Table 1.

Predicted and observed molecular masses and serine-and-threonine contents of ehrlichial glycoproteins and repeat regions

ProteinMolecular mass (kDa)Ser/Thr content (n/%)
PredictedObservedaEntire open reading frameRepeat region
E. chaffeensisP12061100/12091/1670/20
E. canisP14073112b/140147/21126/25
HGE agent P10061100/NDc65/1130/11
HGE agent P13066130/ND156/2580/30
  • a The first value is for the recombinant expressed as detected by immunoblotting; the second value is for the native protein.

  • b Fourteen-repeat region (78% of the open reading frame).

  • c ND, no data.