Table 2.

Effect of immunization with pneumococcal proteins on nasal carriage of L82016

Immunogen(s)No. of miceCFU/nasal wash (mean log [standard error])P value of immunogen(s) versus CTB only
Student's t testWilcoxon test
CTB only114.48 (0.21)
PspA103.36 (0.34)0.010.013
PsaA102.14 (0.25)<0.0001<0.0001
PdB45.22 (0.09)0.640.078
PspA + PsaA101.70 (0.08)a <0.001<0.0001
PspA + PdB45.10 (0.22)0.140.18
  • a Seven of the 10 mice in this group had undetectable levels of CFUs (<60 CFU per nasal wash).