Table 1.

S. mutans strains used in this study

StrainRelevant characteristicsaSource or reference
XcSerotype c wild-type strain 10
Xc11Emr, transformant of Xc; pac; PAc 47
Xc16Emr, transformant of Xc; gtfB and gtfC; GTF-I and GTF-SI This study
Xc24Emr, transformant of Xc; rmlB, fusion between gtfB and gtfC; serotype c polysaccharide 39
Xc24REmr, transformant of Xc; rmlB, intact gtfB and gtfC; serotype c polysaccharide 46
LM7Serotype e wild-type strain 21
LM7DREmr, transformant of LM7; rmlB; serotype e polysaccharide This study
KT6219Serotype f wild-type strainThis study
KT6219DREmr, transformant of KT6219;rmlB; serotype f polysaccharide This study
  • a Emr, erythromycin resistance.