Table 2.

Distribution of mtsa-10 and esat-6among mycobacteria

Species and strainPresence ofa:
M. tuberculosis W++
M. tuberculosis H37Ra++
M. tuberculosis H37Rv++
M. tuberculosis CDC 1551++
M. africanum ++
M. bovis NADL++
M. bovis Ravenel++
M. bovisBranch++
BCG Pasteur
BCG Japan
BCG Connaught
BCG Montreal
BCG Russia
M. asiaticum
M. avium
M. fortuitum
M. gastri ++
M. haemophilum
M. kansasii ++
M. malmoense
M. phlei
M. scrofulaceum
M. simiae
M. terrae
M. triviale
M. ulcerans
  • a +, presence of hybridization signal; −, absence of hybridization signal. Mycobacterial strains were cultured at 36°C in an atmosphere containing 5% CO2 on Middlebrook 7H10 (Difco) agar plates containing 0.5% (vol/vol) glycerol and supplemented with 10% (vol/vol) albumin-dextrose-catalase. An exception was M. haemophilum, which was cultured on chocolate-agar plates at 30°C. The culture medium for M. africanum was supplemented with 0.5% (wt/vol) pyruvic acid. Cells were harvested after 4 days of culturing for fast-growing mycobacteria and 4 weeks of culturing for slow-growing mycobacteria. DNA isolation and Southern transfer hybridization were performed according to a standard protocol employed in DNA fingerprinting of M. tuberculosis (28).