Table 1.

T. pallidum isolates

StrainSource, stageaGeographical locationYr isolated
T. pallidum subsp. pallidum
 Sea 84-2CSF, 2Seattle, Wash.1984
 NicholsCSF, 2Washington, D.C.1912
 Bal 2CSF, congenitalBaltimore, Md.?
 Bal 8CSF, congenitalBaltimore, Md.?
 Bal 3Blood, congenitalBaltimore, Md.?
 Bal 7CSF, post-RxWashington, D.C.1976
 Bal 73-1Aqueous humor, congenitalBaltimore, Md.1973
 Sea 81-4Chancre, 1Seattle, Wash.1980
 Sea 81-3CSF, 2Seattle, Wash.1981
 ChicagoChancre, 1Chicago, Ill.1951
 Mexico AChancre, 1Mexico1953
 Sea 83-1CSF, 1Seattle, Wash.1983
T. pallidum subsp. pertenue
 GauthierGeneralized lesionsGhana1982
 Haiti BbAbdominal lesionsHaiti1951
  • a CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; post-Rx, after therapy.

  • b Molecular analysis suggests that the Haiti B isolate may be T. pallidum subsp. pallidum(9).