Table 2.

ToxR is required for increased MBCs of bile, DC, and SDS in other Vibrio species

% Bile% DC% SDS
V. fluvialis Wild type25.007.500.50
toxR 7.505.000.30
V. mimicus Wild type15.000.150.50
V. parahaemolyticus Wild type10.000.250.30
toxR 7.500.050.10
  • a Actual strains used (see Materials and Methods): V. fluvialis strains ATCC 33809 (wild type) and 33809toxR, V. mimicus strains ATCC 33655 (wild type) and 33655toxR, and V. parahaemolyticusstrains ATCC 43966 (wild type) and 43966toxR.