Table 2.

Fecal excretion of Shigella CVD 1207 by dose group

Dose group (CFU)aNo. (%) of subjects with positive stool culture/totalMean no. of days with positive stool culture (range)b
1061/7 (14)1.0 (NAc)
1072/7 (28)1.5 (1–2)
1083/3 (100)2.0 (1–3)
10912/12 (100)5.9 (1–14)
101010/10 (100)1.7 (1–3)
  • a Volunteers were assigned to a dose group, for the purpose of assessing dose response, by rounding the inoculum received in 0.5-log-unit increments to the nearest log value.

  • b This represents the number of days after vaccination that the last positive stool culture was detected and includes only subjects found to be excreting the vaccine for at least one day.

  • c NA, not applicable.