Table 4.

Adhesin genotypes and phenotypes of three control strains positive for F10 by PCR but not by serology

StrainbO:K:H serotypeF serotypePCRAdhesin genotypeaMRHA pattern
C659-81O1:K51:H−F8F F10++++Non-P
G1062aO4:K7:HrNAe F F10++++IIIP
C826-83O75:K5:H−F15F F10+f
  • a As determined by PCR, except forpapAH in strain C826-83 (PCR negative, probe positive forpapAH). +, wild type; −, mutant.

  • b Strains C659-81 (alias FS09) and C826-83 (alias FS30) were from the IEKC laboratory. Strain G1062a (alias C892-97) was from the J.R.J. laboratory (Table 1).

  • c Based on historical serotyping results for strains from the IEKC.

  • d Including with 10× concentrated F10 antiserum.

  • e NA, not applicable (strain G1062a was first serotyped during the present study).

  • f −, HA negative.