Table 2.

Second validation set of strains for F PCR assay

StrainaPublished O:K serotypeConfirmatory O:K:H serotypePublished F typeConfirmatory F serotyping resultF PCR result
Round 1Round 2Round 3
AD303O25:K−O4:K2:H1F11, F16F11F10, F11F10, F11, F16F10, F11, F16
AD309O77:K−O77:K16:H4F7-1, F11, F12F11, F12NDd NDF11b
AD314O4:K12O4:K12:H1F11, F16F11F10?, F11F11, F16F11, F16
NS3O14:K+OR:K?:H6F7-1, F13, F14F7-2, F13NDNDF7-2, F13
NS24O1:K1O1:K1:H7F7-1, F11F11NDNDF11
NS25O4:K12O4:K12:H1F11, F16F11F10, F11, F16?F10, F11, F16F10, F11, F16
NS26O83:K24O83:K−:H31F7-2, F14F14NDNDF14
SP57O157:K−O157:K−:H45F16 + ?F F10?, F16F16c F16
SP88O157:K−O157:K−:H45F16 + ?F F10?, F16F16F16
  • a Sources of strains and serotypes: AD309, AD314, NS3, NS24, NS25, and NS26, reference18; SP57 and SP88, reference 68.

  • b Subsequently found to be PCR positive for the new F48 papA allele (but still PCR negative for F12).

  • c A second colony type noted in the serotyping laboratory was serotyped as OR:K−:H45, F10, F16. (This variant was not retested with the F PCR assay.)

  • d ND, not done.