Table 1.

Characteristics and effect on Vero cells of strains used

StrainDescriptionaVcVacTiterbNo vacuolation
V. cholerae
 O1 Amazonia20/20c
  FG1066, FG1068 and 18 othersAmazonas, Brazil, 91-92+
  FG1066S, 1/640; C, 1/10,240
 O1 El Tor5/1813/18
  E7946Ogawa, Bahrain, 78S, C
  ANCO223Ogawa, PeruS, C
  0872Inaba, Peru+S, 1/120; C, 1/2,560
  N16961Inaba, Bangladesh, 75+S, 1/30; C, 1/320
  N16117Ogawa, BangladeshS, C
  P27459 Inaba, Bangladesh, 76S, C
  4 strainsBrazil, 92-94S, C
  T19479 Bangladesh, 79S, C
  26-3Ogawa, Philippines, 61+S, 1/60; C, 1/480
  30167Bangladesh, 76S, C
  62746Bangladesh, 76S, C
  N.2Inaba, China, 86+S, 1/20; C, 1/160
  N.5Ogawa, China, 77+S, 1/960; C, >1/2,560
  62-6-91TanzaniaS, C
  LA-M-644NigeriaS, C
 O1 Gulf of Mexico El Tor3/3
  E506Texas+S, 1/20; C, 1/80
  SGN7277Sewage, Louisiana, 80+S, 1/20
  4808-78Patient, Louisiana, 78+S, 1/20
 O1 classical6/6
  0395India, 64S, C
  AMS 20-A-73 (VRL3)China, 45S, C
  N32089Bangladesh, 82S, C
  N19073Bangladesh, 82S, C
  N19812Bangladesh, 82S, C
  N22646Bangladesh, 82S, C
 Environmental, non-O1, non-01397/10 3/10
  FG1130Water, RJ, Brazil, 97+S, 1/320
  FG1131Water, RJ, Brazil, 97+S, 1/1920
  FG1132Mollusk, RJ, Brazil, 97S, C
  FG1133Mollusk, RJ, Brazil, 97S, C
  FG1134Mollusk, RJ, Brazil, 97+S, 1/20
  FG1138Mollusk, RJ, Brazil, 95+S, 1/80
  FG1139Crab, RJ, Brazil, 96S, C
  FG1140Crab, RJ, Brazil, 97+S, 1/30
  FG1135Water, RJ, Brazil, 97+S, 1/40
  FG1137Crab, RJ, Brazil, 95+S, 1/240
E. colid
 DH5αλpir From A. Camilli, Tufts University
 VJ737MC4100/pKAS32 from R. Taylor, Dartmouth University
 FG1155DH5αλpir/pFG300, this work
 FG1221DH5α/pFG350, this work
Other O1 V. cholerae strains
 JBK56Inaba, derived from N16961, Δctx Apr
 JBK70Inaba, derived from N16961, Δctx Hgr
 CVD104Inaba, N16961 Δctx ΔhlyA
 CVD113Ogawa, E7946 Δvirulence cassette ΔhlyA::mer ctxB, Δlec
 FG1106FG1066 Smr, this work
 FG1153FG1106 hlyA::pFG300, Apr, this work
 FG1173Hemolytic revertant of FG1153, this work
 FG1167Smr revertant of FG1153, this work
 FG1229FG1153/pFG350, this work
  • a Numerals indicate years (91-92 denotes 1991 to 1992, etc.) of isolation at the location given.

  • b S, filtered supernatant of culture; C, 80-fold volume concentrate prepared from S by precipitating with 50% ammonium sulfate.

  • c Fraction of VcVac-positive strains in each group.

  • d Either strains have not been tested on cells or their results are presented in a separate table.