Table 1.

ToxR is required for increased MBCs of bile, DC, and SDS in V. cholerae

% Bile% DC% SDS
Classical (O395)Wild typepBAD247.505.000.30
pKEK86 (toxR +)7.505.000.30
ΔtoxR pBAD243.753.750.05
pKEK86 (toxR +)7.505.000.20
ΔtoxT pBAD247.505.000.30
pKEK86 (toxR +)7.505.000.30
El Tor (E7946)Wild typepBAD2415.007.500.50
pKEK150 (toxR +)15.007.500.50
ΔtoxR pBAD247.505.000.10
pKEK150 (toxR +)15.007.500.40
ΔtoxT pBAD2415.007.500.50
pKEK150 (toxR +)15.007.500.50
  • a Actual strains used (see Materials and Methods): classical biotype strains O395 (wild type), KKV61 (ΔtoxR), and VJ740 (ΔtoxT), and El Tor biotype strains E7946 (wild type), KKV366 (ΔtoxR), and VJ739 (ΔtoxT).

  • b Strains carry either the vector pBAD24 or plasmids pKEK86 and pKEK150, which express classical and El Tor biotype ToxR, respectively, from the PBAD promoter of pBAD24.