Table 3.

Specific IgG4 levels and malaria attack

ModelaSlopeSEPbOdd ratioc (95% CI)
IgG4 anti-RESA0.2500.0930.0062.7 (1.3–5.6)
IgG4 anti-MSP1-Nt0.1790.110NS
IgG4 anti-MSP2-Nt0.2160.0910.0162.3 (1.2–4.8)
IgG4 anti-MSP2-Ct10.2220.0910.0132.4 (1.2–5.0)
IgG4 anti-MSP2-Ct20.1750.0890.0482.0 (1.0–4.0)
IgG4 anti-extract0.2680.1080.0112.9 (1.2–6.8)
  • a Age and hemoglobin genotypes were taken into account in each model. Six models were analyzed and corresponded to the Ags used. Ab levels were evaluated in sera taken at the end of the season of transmission (P2).

  • b The P value was calculated by using the likelihood ratio criterion.

  • c The odds between the lowest (IgG4 = 1) and the highest quintile (IgG4 = 5) are shown.