Table 1.

Characteristics of strains examined in this study

Strain no.Other IDIdentificationaOriginbSite of isolationcLatex agglutination/serotypedOptochinBile solubilityGen- ProbeePresence off:Source or referenceg
Group 1 (typical S. pneumoniae)
 PC151011S. pneumoniaeUKThroat23FS++++35
 11B912S. pneumoniaeUKThroat15BS++++35
 PC191012S. pneumoniaeUKThroat35AS++++35
 CL1 (E226)355S. pneumoniaeUruguayBlood14S+ND++35
 CL26 (Sp8)30S. pneumoniaeSpainBlood13S+ND++35
 R6S. pneumoniaeUSrS++++2
 44A951S. pneumoniaeUKThroat6AS++++35
 CL10 (KD12)312S. pneumoniaeKenyaThroat7FS+ND++35
 86013873S. pneumoniaeKenyaThroat8S++++35
 1A900S. pneumoniaeUKThroat1S++++35
 CL13 (Sp9)555S. pneumoniaeSpainBlood8S+ND++35
Group 2a (S. oralis and S. mitischaracterized in previous taxonomic studies)h
 NCTC 11427542S. oralisTRND4, 29
 NCTC 7864627/571S. oralisR4, 29
 OPA1626S. oralisRND4
 PP53619S. oralisRND4
 HV51621S. mitisRND4
 NCTC 10712567S. mitisR4, 29
 NS51T620S. mitisTRND4
 K208622S. mitisRND4
 OS51624S. mitisRND4
Group 2b (commensal and/ or clinical isolates of S. oralis and S. mitis)
 AR371078S. oralisUKBlood, endocarditisRNDD. Beighton
 COL21PN93/447Streptococcus sp.UKEye, eye diseaseRThis study
 COL25PN93/1003S. oralisUKBlood, endocarditisRThis study
 AR51072S. oralisUKBlood, endocarditisRNDD. Beighton
 AR131076S. oralisUKEndocarditisRNDD. Beighton
 AC13721039S. oralisUKBlood, endocarditisRNDD. Beighton
 C171073S. oralisUKNeutropeniaRNDD. Beighton
 COL19PN93/800S. oralisUKBloodRThis study
 COL22PN93/1264Streptococcussp.UKNKRThis study
 M1T6(2) 10S. mitisUKNormal floraRNDD. Beighton
 M31304/16S. mitisUKNormal floraRNDD. Beighton
 M4T6(2) 11S. mitisUKNormal floraRNDD. Beighton
 M2T6(3) 12S. mitisUKNormal floraRNDD. Beighton
 CL22103S. mitisSpainLower respiratory tractRNDThis study
 AC13741040S. mitisUKBlood cultureRNDD. Beighton
 AC13621042S. oralisUKBlood cultureRNDD. Beighton
Group 2c (atypical oral streptococci)
 COL18PN93/454Streptococcus sp.UKSputum, chest infectionS++This study
 COL15PN92/1139S. mitisUKSputum, chest infectionS++This study
 COL16PN93/952Streptococcus sp.UKBronchial lavage, pneumonia, HIV+S++This study
 806S. mitisUKNKR++S. Gillespie
 COL28PN93/918Streptococcussp.UKSputum, respiratory infectionR++This study
 COL20PN93/776Streptococcussp.UKNKS/R++This study
 COL24PN93/656Streptococcussp.UKSputumS/R++This study
 COL17PN91/2745Streptococcussp.UKNKR+++This study
 764S. mitisUKNKR+S. Gillespie
Group 3 (putative atypical pneumococci)
 1916PN97/3197S. pneumoniaeUKrS+ND++This study
 COL1PN92/1207S. pneumoniaeUKNKrS++++This study
 COL3PN92/944S. pneumoniaeUKEye, eye diseaserS++++This study
 COL6PN93/779S. pneumoniaeUKBloodrS++++This study
 COL5PN93/832S. pneumoniaeUKBloodrS/R++++This study
 COL7PN93/356S. pneumoniaeUKNasal, respiratory infectionrS/R++++This study
 COL8PN93/707S. pneumoniaeUKSputumS/R++++This study
 COL11R93/688S. pneumoniaeUKCSF, meningitisS++++This study
 COL12PN93/950S. pneumoniaeUKBloodS++++This study
 COL14PN93/789S. pneumoniaeUKBlood, pneumoniaS++++This study
 COL9PN93/904S. pneumoniaeUKBloodS/R++++This study
 X158Streptococcussp.rS+++This study
 COL27PN93/135Streptococcus sp.UKSputum, chest infect; HIV+S/R+++This study
 COL26PN93/403Streptococcus sp.UKSynovial fluid, septic arthritisrR+++This study
 101/87S. pneumoniaehSpainBlood, pneumoniaRND++15
  • a Unless stated otherwise, identities are based on the phenotypic tests described in this table in combination with API biotyping and additional biochemical tests when necessary. Where strain profiles were not consistent with any one species or where discordant identities were obtained on separate occasions, strains are not given a species designation. T, type strain.

  • b UK, United Kingdom.

  • c NK, not known; CSF, cerebrospinal fluid; HIV, human immunodeficiency virus.

  • d r, strains which autoagglutinated when latex agglutination-capsular serotyping was performed (rough, nontypeable strains); −, no results against capsular typing sera (smooth, nontypeable strains).

  • e ND, not done.

  • f The presence of lytA,lytA101, and ply was determined by PCR and confirmatory blotting.

  • g D. Beighton, Joint Microbiology Research Unit, Guy's, King's, and St. Thomas' Dental Institute, London, United Kingdom; S. Gillespie, Department of Medical Microbiology, Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom.

  • h The species identities of group 2a strains ofS. oralis and S. mitis and S. pneumoniae 101/87 are those of strain suppliers (4, 15).