Table 2.

ELISPOT and serological responses to S. enterica serovar Typhimurium antigens

Volunteer no.IgA ASC per 106PBMCaSerum IgG titer versus LPSSerum IgG titer versus Flagella
Versus LPSVersus FlagellaPreimmunePostvaccinePreimmunePostvaccine
18126121:101:160c 1:801:640c
2001:401:80 (NS)d 1:1601:320 (NS)
3170105b 1:201:80c 1:1601:160 (NS)
42681181:3201:1280c 1:3201:640 (NS)
56007881:801:640c 1:1601:320 (NS)
6250218b 1:401:160c 1:101:320c
  • a More than 6 antibody-secreting cells/106 PBMC cells is a positive result.

  • b Peak values for these determinations occurred on day 10.

  • c Significant increase (4-fold or greater increase in titer).

  • d NS, not significant.