Table 1.

Volunteer demographics and clinical responses

Volunteer no.Age (yr)/sexPrior typhoid vaccineTmax (°C) (time)aSheddingbSymptoms
124/MNo98.7Day 8None
240/MYes99.6Day 2None
323/MNo98.3Day 7c None
430/MNo101.9 (22 h)Day 3Headache, constitutional symptoms
521/FYes98.8Day 4None
619/FNo102.2 (76 h)Day 10c Headache, constitutional symptoms
  • a Maximum oral temperature (hours after vaccine of occurrence).

  • b Last day on which a stool culture was positive for S. enterica serovar Typhimurium.

  • c Subjects received levofloxacin to hasten the elimination of vaccine bacteria (see the text).