Table 2.

Strains isolated from cases of NM and from the ECOR collection that hybridized with subtractive clones used as probes

Strain sourceeNo. of strains% of isolates positive by Southern blot hybridizationd
Region 1Region 3Region 4Region 5Region 6bTspE4J6
TspE4.J4TspE4.H5SauE15M9TspE4H6SauE15.L4SauE15K12TspE4.C4SauE15.M10TspE4C2SauE15.N4PAI Va
NM5491b 91b 80b 84b 81b 81b 81b 10098c 17b 17b 100
ECOR collection1540401313474747100874747100
  • a The prevalence of PAI V was assessed using the clones TspE4.D11, TspE4.D10, and TspE15.C1, homologous to thehly, cnf1, and hra genes, respectively.

  • b P < 0.05, compared with strains of the ECOR collection (existence of a difference in the distribution of the studied clones was tested by the χ2test).

  • c Not significant, compared with strains of the ECOR collection.

  • d TspE4.J6 is homologous to chuA. The other clones are representative of their respective regions.

  • e All strains were in the phylogenetic B2 group.