Table 1.

Comparison of IC50 data obtained from WGA-LHN/A and BoNT/A-treated cellsa

CellsIC50 (mean ± SEM)
SH-SY5Y9.57 ± 0.365.56 ± 2.37 nM
PC123.77 ± 0.904.00 ± 1.30 nM
eSC0.36 ± 0.080.03 ± 0.01 pM
  • a Data are means from a minimum of three independent experiments. Representative examples of the dose-response curves used to generate the IC50s for WGA-LHN/A are shown in Fig. 2. SH-SY5Y cells, PC12 cells, and eSC neurons were treated with a range of concentrations of WGA-LHN/A and BoNT/A for 3 days. In all cases, the IC50s were calculated from dose-response curves that generated both maximum and minimum inhibitory effects.