Table 1.

Borreliacidal assay results: killing titers of immune sera against B. burgdorferi B31 and B313

Immune serum100% killing titer (reciprocal)a
B313 (basal)B313 (4th boost)B31 (4th boost)
 Adsorbed nOms66<20160c <20
 Infection immune<2040160
  • a 100% killing indicates that after incubating organisms with immune serum and complement for 6 h, no viable organisms remained.

  • b Oms66-1 to -6 represent results for the six different mice that were immunized with nOms66 protein.

  • c The titer for the adsorbed serum was calculated with the assumption that the starting serum was diluted 1:4 compared to the unadsorbed serum.