Table 1.

Purification of S. oralis GTase

Preparationa stepTotal amt of protein (mg)Total GTase activity (U)GTase sp act (U/mg)Recovery (%)Purification (fold)
Culture supernatant7361400.191001
Ammonium sulfate precipitation1801170.6584.03.4
Q Sepharose fraction5.54.00.722.93.8
CHT-I fraction0.
  • a S. oralis ATCC 10557 was grown in 5 liters of dialyzed TTY medium to an optical density of 0.8 at 550 nm. The culture supernatant was concentrated by a 60% saturation of ammonium sulfate. The enzyme fraction was purified on a Q Sepharose FF column followed by a Bio-Scale CHT10-I column.