Table 1.

Bacterial strains, plasmids, and bacteriophages

Strains, plasmids, and phageDescriptionaReference
E. coliK12
  XL1blueF′::Tn10 proA+B+ lacIqΔ(lacZ)M15/recA1 endA1 gyrA96(Nalr) thi hsdR17 (rK mK +) supE44 relA1 lac 6
  JH372lysogenic λ202 (imm 21 PR-lacZΔOR2) 13
  SR2F araD Δ(lacU) ΔphoA lpp5508 galE rpsL galE galK degP::Tn5 35
Y. pseudotuberculosis Type III(P+), pIB1 4
Y. enterocolitica 8081 c 32
 pBR322Cloning vector, Apr 5
 pHSG575/576pSC101-based cloning vectors, placZMCS, lacZ′, Cmr 40
 pMin3Produces MBP-Invent fusion protein, Apr 32
 pFG157λcI ind1, lacUV5 promoter, colE1,ori, Apr 13
 pJH370λ cI ind1 aa 1–132 fused to zipper domain of GCN4, Apr 13
 pJH391λ cI ind1 aa 1–132 fused tolacZ, Apr 13
 pKH101λ cI ind1 aa 1–132b Apr 13
 pPD207pHSG576, inv pstb+, Apr This work
 pPD208Produces cIN-Inv509-986-Invpstb478,bApr 7
 pPD210Produces cIN-Inv795-986-Invpstb202,bApr 7
 pPD226Produces cIN-Inv575-694,bApr 7
 pPD229Produces cIN-Invent456-835,bApr This work
 pPD230Produces cIN-Invpstb575-694-Invent456-835,bApr This work
 pPD231pHSG576invent +, Cmr This work
 pPD244Produces cIN-Inv596-694-Invent380,bApr 7
 pPD254pPD207,invpstb (Δ1-595-697),cCmr This work
 pPD255pPD207,invpstb (Δ2-594-697),dCmr This work
 pPD256pPD207, Apr, Cms This work
 pRI203pBR325inv +, Apr 19
 pRI253pT7-4inv +, Apr 18
 pRI285Produces MBP-Inv497pstb fusion protein 24
 pZ150Cloning vector carryinglacUV5 promoter, Apr 13
 λKH54ΔcI 13
  • a aa, amino acid; Apr, ampicillin resistance; Cmr, chloramphenicol resistance; Cms, chloramphenicol sensitivity; Nalr, nalidixic acid resistance.

  • b Protein expressed from the lacUV5promoter; the numbers of the range indicate the amino acids ofinvpstb fused to cIN′.

  • c The numbers indicate the amino acids ofinvpstb deleted in the construct.

  • d The numbers indicate the amino acids ofinvpstb deleted in the construct; in addition, amino acids AVLP from the equivalent Y. enterocoliticasequence were introduced into this region (see Fig. 1).