Table 1.

Strains of C. albicans used in these‚ÄČexperiments

StrainGenotypeIn vitro phenotypeVirulence in miceSourceReference
SC5314Wild typeForms hyphae on liquid and solid mediaHighW. A. Fonzi11
CLJ1ura3::1imm434/ura3::1imm434 cla4::hisG/ cla4::hisG-URA3-hisGForms short, aberrantly shaped hyphae on liquid and solid mediaLowM. Whiteway20
CAN16ura3::1imm434/ura3::1imm434 cph1::hisG/cph1::hisG-URA3-hisGDoes not germinate on some solid mediaHighG. R. Fink23
CAN33ura3::1imm434/ura3::1imm434 efg1::hisG/ egf1::hisG-URA3-hisGForms pseudohyphae on solid media, does not germinate on liquid mediaLowG. R. Fink24
CAN37ura3::1imm434/ura3::1imm434 efg1::hisG/ efg1::hisG EFG1 URA3Similar to that of SC5314Not reportedG. R. Fink24
CAN34ura3::1imm434/ura3::1imm434 cph1::hisG/cph1::hisG efg1::hisG/efg1::hisG-URA3-hisGDoes not germinate on liquid or solid mediaVery lowG. R. Fink24
BCa2-10ura3::1imm434/ura3::1imm434 tup1::hisG/tup1::hisG-URA3-hisGGrows as pseudohyphae on both liquid and solid mediaLowB. R. Braun1
BCa2-11ura3::1imm434/ura3::1imm434 tup1::hisG/ tup1::hisG TUP1 URA3Similar to that of SC5314Not reportedB. R. Braun1