Table 1.

LD50 values after 72 h of infection comparing three strains of P. aeruginosa carrying either pUCP19 or pUCP19exoUspcU after intranasal application to anesthetized mice

P. aeruginosastrainPlasmidLD50CFUPa
PAO1pUCP192.8 × 107
pUCP19exoUspcU7.1 × 1050.047
PAO6adpUCP192.2 × 107
pUCP19exoUspcU1.4 × 1060.0001
pUCP19exoUspcU3.6 × 1060.0001
  • a P was determined by logistic regression for parallel bioassays.

  • b The LD50 for 15921(pUCP19) could not be calculated since the maximal dose applied of 109CFU/mouse caused insufficient mortality.