Table 2.

Comparison of A. veronii bv. sobria strain BC88 wild-type and tapA mutant strains in the RITARD model

StrainTotal no. of rabbitsNo. of animals shedding Aeromonas organismsNo. of animals with diarrhea
A. veronii bv. sobria wild type97a6
A. veronii bv. sobriatapAΩ mutant97b4
E. coliEC1015 (12)c0 (0)
  • a Three rabbits shed for 1 day, one shed for 2 days, and three shed for 3 days; one rabbit (no diarrhea) died on day 3.

  • b One rabbit shed for 1 day, three shed for 2 days, two shed for 3 days, and one shed for 5 days; one rabbit (mild diarrhea) died on day 1.

  • c Five rabbits were included as controls in this experiment; 12 control animals were from other experiments.