Table 3.

Grouping of 32 adherent H. influenzae isolates based on adherence properties

Adherence toa:No. of isolatesAdherence patternNo. of isolates
Chang cellsNCI-H292 cellshmwHMWHMW MAbs
Without dextran sulfateWith dextran sulfateWithout dextran sulfateWith dextran sulfate
++++++4II (HMW2)c440
  • a −, <5 bacteria per cell; ++, 10 to 50 bacteria per cell; +++, >50 bacteria per cell.

  • b Two isolates did not adhere to Chang epithelial cells.

  • c This adherence pattern correlated with HMW1- or HMW2-mediated adherence of strain 12, as indicated.

  • d One isolate was hmw positive and HMW negative, another was hmw negative and HMW positive.