Table 1.

Homology of pVir-encoded proteins to H. pylori proteins

ORFProteinLength (aa)aMass (kDa)pIGenomic H. pylori orthologbLength (aa)% Identity% Similarityc
JHP34d 2473160
ORF2ComB235640.98.77HP0039/HP0040 40/24730e 49e
ORF3ComB337842.87.95HP0041/HP0042123/23333e 58e
  • a aa, amino acids.

  • b The HP and JHP proteins represent the orthologs from H. pylori strains 26695 (59) and J99 (3), respectively.

  • c The percent relatedness between orthologs is calculated as the number of identical or identical and conserved residues from an optimal alignment as a percentage of the length of theC. jejuni protein.

  • d The C. jejuni ComB1 protein is also related to the H. pylori J99 protein JHP921, which is located in that strain's hypervariable plasticity zone (3). The percent identity and similarity to this ortholog are 36 and 62%, respectively.

  • e Due to the splitting of the orthologs inH. pylori 26695 by a frameshift mutation, the percent identity and similarity were calculated by aligning each of the predicted portions and combining the totals.