Table 3.

Characteristics and accession numbers of sequences determined in this study

StrainSequence length (bp)DescriptionAccession no.
1858/963,199 stxB 1gene, orf75, orf616, partial S gene AJ251754
1639/775,467Partial Q gene, stxA 1,stxB 1, orf101, orf155, orf120, orf68, orf61 AJ251325
1448/973,919 stxB 2gene, orf107, orf645, orf59, orf84, orf49, partial S gene AJ250954
ED-1473,896 stxB 2 gene, orf107, orf645, orf81 AJ251483
3985/963,920 stxB 2 gene, orf107, orf645, orf59, orf90, partial S gene AJ251520
E32511 3,920 stxB 2c gene, orf107, orf645, orf59, partial S geneAJ251452
4865/963,922 stxB 2c gene, orf645, orf59, partial S gene AJ271063
H.I.81,892 stxA 2f,stxB 2f, orf60, partial S gene AJ271139
T4/972,411 stxA 2f,stxB 2f, orf67, S gene AJ270998
H2765-34/816,014IS600, stxA,stxB, orf109, orf536, orf60, orf87, S gene AJ271153