Table 1.

Susceptibility of caspase 1-deficient mice to primary and secondary C. albicans infections

MiceValue for infection:
C. albicans strainDose (cells)MSTcD/TdMSTcD/Td
Caspase 1−/− PCA-2106 >602/181712/12
CA-6105 1312/12
C57BL/6PCA-2106 >600/18>600/12
CA-6105 1412/12
(SV129 × B6)F1 PCA-2106 >603/18>600/12
CA-6105 1612/12
  • a Mice were infected i.v. with low-virulence PCA-2 or virulent CA-6 C. albicans.

  • b CA-6 (106 cells) was given i.v., 14 days after primary infection.

  • c MST, median survival time (days).

  • d D/T, number of dead mice over total number of mice injected.