K. pneumoniae strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidDescriptionReference or source
    TOP52K. pneumoniae K6 isolate (wild-type parent strain)46
    TOP52 ΔmrkHDeletion of mrkH, regulator of type 3 piliThis study
    TOP52 ΔmrkADeletion of mrkA, type 3 pilus structural subunitThis study
    TOP52 ΔfimS-KDeletion of entire type 1 pilus operon from promoter fimS through fimKThis study
    TOP52 ΔrfaHDeletion of rfaH, transcription antitermination factorThis study
    ATCC 43816K. pneumoniae K2 isolate47
    pKD46sBacteriophage lambda Red recombinase, repA101(Ts), spectinomycin resistant13
    pCP20FLP recombinase, chloramphenicol resistant48
    pEVS143Parent IPTG-inducible vector, kanamycin resistant49
    pCMW75Vector containing IPTG-inducible, active QrgB28
    pCMW98Vector containing IPTG-inducible, inactive QrgB*28