Table 3.

Correlation between presence of predicted HLA-DR binding motifs and HLA-DR alleles expressed by responder and nonresponder United Kingdom control subjectsa

Peptide, alleles, and responder statusNo. of subjects
With allelesWithout alleles
D8963 (DR 1, 4, 7)
P8965 (DR 1, 4, 8)
S9047 (DR 1, 4, 7)
S9062 (DR 1, 4, 7, 15)
  • a United Kingdom subjects were tested for their ability to secrete IFN-γ in response to individual peptides as described in Materials and Methods. Responders were defined as making ≥50 pg of IFN-γ per ml. HLA typing was performed by PCR. Subjects were divided into those expressing the HLA-DR alleles for which the peptide contained predicted binding motifs or lacking the correct alleles.