Table 1.

Strains chosen for pspA sequencing

Strain nameaCapsule typePspA typebYr isolatedSite of originAccession no.
Clade 1
 BG97394261988Alabama AF071804
 DBL6A6A19<1980Unknownc AF071805
L81905 4231984Alaska AF071809
 BG874323NDe 1987Alabama AF071803
 AC949L01987Canada AF071802
 BG669233161984Alabama AF071808
 BG88386271987Alabama AF071807
 DBL16B0<1980Unknownc AF071806
Clade 2
 Rx1Rough251940sUnited States M74122
 E13423ND1994Alabama AF071811
 EF10197318<1985Sweden AF071812
 EF67966A1<1985Sweden AF071813
 BG91636B211987Alabama AF071815
 DBL5533<1980Unknownd AF071810
 WU2311966Missouri AF071814
Clade 3
 EF3296420<1985Sweden AF071816
 BG809019161986Alabama AF071817
 AC1229V181984Canada AF071818
Clade 4
 EF5668412<1985Sweden U89711
 BG756115ND1985Alabama AF071824
 BG781712ND1986Alabama AF071826
 BG1170318ND1992Alabama AF071821
Clade 5
 ATCC6303371940sUnknown AF071820
Clade 6
 BG638037ND1984Alabama AF071823
  • a PspA clade designations are from this paper.

  • b Based on typing with MAbs (15).

  • c From B. Gray, origin unknown.

  • d From S. Szu, origin unknown.

  • e ND, not determined.