Functional families overrepresented in the macrophage transcriptional response to treatment with Salmonella lipopolysaccharide (500 ng/ml)

Biological processPBiological processP
Cell growth8.9 E-8Mitotic cell cycle, S phase4.5 E-8
Regulation of cell cycle5.2 E-7Regulation of cell cycle4.3 E-7
Lymph gland development1.0 E-5Cytokinesis1.3 E-5
Regulation of apoptosis2.0 E-5Lipid metabolism8.0 E-5
DNA repair9.2 E-5Cell motility3.2 E-4
Immune response1.9 E-4Protein phosphorylation2.1 E-4
Angiogenesis2.7 E-4Mitotic cell cycle, M phase7.5 E-4
Regulation of transcription4.5 E-4Endocytosis0.0032
Intracellular signaling cascade2.6 E-4Apoptosis0.0233
Cell differentiation0.0021Protein folding0.0074
Amine metabolism0.0026Regulation of transcription0.0031
Cell proliferation0.0055Intracellular signaling cascade0.0066
Stress response (to pathogen/DNA damage/wounding)0.0130