V. cholerae gene products identified by RIVET as being transcriptionally induced during infection of the infant mouse small intestine compared to during growth in LB broth

Gene producta:CassettebAllelec% of CFU resolvedRatiofNo. of micegP valueh
In vitrodIn vivoe
VCA1008 res tnpR mut135 <0.1777704<0.05
VC2487 res1 tnpR mut168 <0.1727204<0.05
VC2641 res1 tnpR mut135 <0.1707004<0.05
VC0488 res tnpR mut168 <0.1222214<0.05
VC0063 res1 tnpR mut135 0.1222204<0.05
VCA1057 res tnpR mut135 0.3351174<0.05
VCA0773 res1 tnpR mut168 11001007<0.05
VC0622 res1 tnpR mut168 0.1101004<0.05
VC1111 res tnpR mut135 <187876<0.05
VC0207 res tnpR mut168 <0.188080.2
VC0721 res1 tnpR mut135 <0.14404<0.05
VC1658 res tnpR mut168 388304<0.05
VC2373 res1 tnpR mut168 0.133040.1
VC0201 res1 tnpR mut135 0.617284<0.05
VCA0529 res tnpR 0.22204<0.05
VC0874 res1 tnpR <119195<0.05
VC1173 res tnpR mut168 1161640.2
VC0202 res1 tnpR 794133<0.05
VC0203 res1 tnpR mut168 225137<0.05
VC1137 res tnpR mut135 <112128<0.05
VC1535 res tnpR 8931219<0.05
VC1275 res tnpR 885114<0.05
VC0130 res1 tnpR mut168 0.221040.1
VC1338 res1 tnpR 3301040.05
VC2621 res tnpR mut168 12907.54<0.05
VCA0632 res1 tnpR 117773<0.05
VC2419 res tnpR mut135 5346.84<0.05
VC1500 res tnpR 10666.64<0.05
VCA0752 res tnpR mut168 42467<0.05
VCA0687 res tnpR mut168 0.21540.05
VC2705 res tnpR 31244<0.05
VC1687 res tnpR mut135 5183.640.07
VC2742 res1 tnpR mut168 1.453.64<0.05
VCA0016 res1 tnpR mut168 7243.44<0.05
VCA0242 res1 tnpR
VC2646 res1 tnpR mut135 8182.230.07
VC2130 res1 tnpR mut168 35762.24<0.05
VC1619.1 res tnpR mut168 13251.98<0.05
VCA0014 res tnpR mut168 12181.540.1
VC1034 res1 tnpR 751001.34<0.05
  • a Gene product designation by the Institute for Genomic Research.

  • b res or res1 cassette in GOA1245 or GOA1246 strain background, respectively.

  • c Wild-type, mut168, or mut135 RBS mutant allele of tnpR gene fused to V. cholerae gene.

  • d Percent resolved CFU determined after 11 generations in LB broth.

  • e Percent resolved CFU determined after 24 h of infection in the infant mouse small intestine.

  • f The ivi genes were ranked by their ratio of percent resolution in vivo/in vitro.

  • g Number of mice used per experiment to determine percent resolution in vivo.

  • h Calculated by Student's two-tailed t test between the percent resolution values obtained in vivo and in vitro.