Infection of gerbils at different time points after inoculation with G. intestinalis WB clone C6a

Days after infection with GiardiaPlacebo-treated gerbilsLa1-treated gerbils
No. of infected animalsbLog intensitycNo. of infected animalsbLog intensityc
710/124.63 ± 1.143/11 (P = 0.01)3.81 ± 0.88
146/145.07 ± 0.930/12 (P = 0.02)ND
213/64.81 ± 1.680/6 (P = 0.09)ND
  • a Gerbils received either La1 or placebo daily from 7 days before inoculation with the trophozoites of G. intestinalis WB clone C6 (5 × 105 trophozoites per animal). Results are from four independent experiments.

  • b Number of gerbils with detectable parasites in the small intestine/total number of gerbils studied. The statistical significance of the infection rate of La1-treated animals compared to that of controls was calculated using Fisher's exact test. P values are shown in parentheses.

  • c Averages ± standard deviations of the log of parasites per infected gerbil. ND, no parasites were detected (<800 trophozoites/cm).