Table 2.

Amount of 28-kDa SpeB produced by GAS isolated from invasive cases of varying severity

Isolate source (n)Amt of 28-kda SpeB (μg/ml)aPb
Mean ± SDMedian
Nonsevere infection (29)270 ± 183243
Severe infection (48)190 ± 1712000.05
 STSS (17)141 ± 1621170.02
 NF (20)196 ± 1762210.16
 STSS + NF (11)257 ± 1673330.80
  • a The amounts of secreted SpeB in culture supernatants were determined by Western blot analysis as described in Materials and Methods.

  • b Differences between the amounts of SpeB produced by isolates from nonsevere infections and isolates from various subgroups of the severe infections were evaluated by the Student t test.