Table 3.

Virulence phenotypes affected by Ler

StrainGenotypeFASaProduction of EspABD, Tir EspC/P, and intiminAdherence patternProduction of LFF
E2348/69EPEC wild type+++LA
SE796EPEC Δler::kan LA-DA-AA+
SE860EPEC Δler::kan(pLER ORF2345EPEC)+++++LA
SE1104EPEC Δler::kan(pLEREPEC)+++++LA
SE1110EPEC Δler::kan(pLEREHEC)++++NTb LA
85-170EHEC wild type++LA-DA
SE1099EHEC Δler::kan LA-DA-AA+
SE1105EHEC Δler::kan(pLEREHEC)+++LA-DA
  • a + to ++++; qualitative assessment of activity in the assay.

  • b NT, not tested.