Strains and plasmids

Strain or plasmidCommentReference or source
S. aureus
    RN4220Mutant strain of 8325-4 that accepts foreign DNA 39
    RN6390 agr + laboratory strain related to 8325-4, maintains hemolytic pattern when propagated on sheep erythrocytes 39
    COLMethicillin-resistant laboratory strain 54
    NewmanLaboratory strain 37
    FDA486Wild-type strain FDA486, sigB+, intact rsbU 43
    RN6911 agr mutant of RN6390 (Δagr::tetM) 42
    ALC3043 sarT mutant of RN6390 (ΔsarT::tetK)This study
    ALC2530 mgrA mutant of RN6390 (ΔmgrA::ermC) 21
    ALC2531ALC2530 complemented with the mgrA gene in single copy 21
    ALC2542 mgrA mutant of COL (ΔmgrA::ermC)This study
    ALC2547 mgrA mutant of Newman (ΔmgrA::ermC)This study
    ALC3632 mgrA mutant of FDA486 (ΔmgrA::ermC)This study
    ALC2537 agr mgrA (deletion) double mutant of RN6390 21
    ALC3046 sarT mgrA (deletion) double mutant of RN6390This study
    ALC3188 agr sarT (deletion) double mutantThis study
    ALC3191 mgrA sarT agr (deletion) triple mutantThis study
E. coli
    XL-1 BlueGeneral-purpose host strain for cloning 31
    InvαF′Host strain for the TA cloning vector (pCR2.1)Invitrogen
    pCR2.1 E. coli PCR cloning vectorInvitrogen
    pALC1484Derivative of pSK236 containing the promoterless gfpuvr gene 25
    pALC1740pALC1484 with hla promoter fragment 27
    pALC1741pALC1484 with spa promoter fragment 27
    pALC1743pALC1484 with P3 agr promoter fragment 25
    pALC3179pALC1484 with sarS promoter fragmentThis study
    pALC1594235-bp hla promoter region in pCR2.1 13
    pALC2321 sarS promoter region in pCR2.1 46
    pALC1996 agr P2-P3 promoter region in pALC1484 14
    pRN6735Contains promoterless RNAIII under control of the blaZ promoter 26