Table 1.

Strains and plasmids used

Strain or plasmidGenotypeSource or reference
 ATCC 14028sWild typeAmerican Type Culture Collection
 CA614Δ(csrA)::CamThis work
 CA678Δ(csrA)::Cam sup8; spontaneous suppressor of csrA growth defectThis work
 EE630Φ(invF′-lacZY +); same as invF::lacZY11-5 29
 EE631Φ(sipC′-lacZY +); same as sspC::lacZY11-6 29
 EE636Φ(prgH′-lacZY +); same as prgH::lacZY-020 5
 EE658Φ(hilA′-lacZY +); same as hiIA::lacZY-080 5
 CA701Φ(invF′-lacZY +) in ATCC 14028sThis work
 RM5385Φ(sipC′-lacZY +) in ATCC 14028s 3
 RM5387Φ(prgH′-lacZY +) in ATCC 14028s 3
 RM5938Φ(hilA′-lacZY +) in ATCC 14028s 3
 CA702Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(invF′-lacZY +)This work
 CA620Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(sipC′-lacZY +)This work
 CA621Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(prgH′-lacZY +)This work
 CA622Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(hilA′-lacZY +)This work
 CA704Δ(csrA)::Cam sup8Φ(invF′-lacZY +)This work
 CA684Δ(csrA)::Cam sup8Φ(sipC′-lacZY +)This work
 CA707Δ(csrA)::Cam sup8Φ(prgH′-lacZY +)This work
 CA686Δ(csrA)::Cam sup8Φ(hilA′-lacZY +)This work
 VV114 hilA339::Kan; same ashilA::Kan-339 29
 RM6373 hilA339::Kan in ATCC 14028s 3
 RM6376 hilA339::Kan Φ(invF′-lacZY +) 3
 CA728 hilA339::Kan Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(invF′-lacZY +)This work
 RM6377 hilA339::Kan Φ(sipC′-lacZY +) 3
 CA733 hilA339::Kan Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(sipC′-lacZY +)This work
 RM6378 hilA339::Kan Φ(prgH′-lacZY +) 3
 CA743 hilA339::Kan Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(prgH′-lacZY +)This work
 SVM725ΔinvFΦ(sipC′-lacZY +); in-frame deletion of invF 13
 CA735ΔinvFΦ(sipC′-lacZY +)This work
 CA736ΔinvF Δ(csrA)::Cam Φ(sipC′-lacZY +)This work
 RM6375 ara9; arabinose auxotrophR. Maurer
 RM6380 ara9Φ(invF′-lacZY+)R. Maurer
 RM6381 ara9, Φ(sipC′-lacZY +)R. Maurer
 RM6382 ara9Φ(prgH′-lacZY +)R. Maurer
 RM6383 ara9Φ(hilA′-lacZY +)R. Maurer
 pBAD18Cloning vector with arabinose-inducible araBAD promoter; Apr 25
 pCA114 csrA under ParaBAD control on pBAD18; Apr This work
 pFF584Cloning vector with pSC101 origin; Strr Spr 3
 pCA1320.7-kbcsrA fragment on pFF584; StrrSpr This work
 pCA71 csrB on pBAD30; Apr 3
 pVV214 hilA expressed fromneo promoter on pACYC177; Apr 4
 pLS31 hilA::lacZY operon fusion with −497 to +420 of hilA; Tcr 50
 pLS79 hilA::lacZY operon fusion with −39 to +420 of hilA; Tcr 50