Table 2.

Effect of fimA promoter mutations (fimA MP) on the expression offimA::lacZ fusion genes

P. gingivalis strainPromoteraFusionβ-Galactosidase levelb
UPF fimA WT fimA WT::lacZ 260 ± 9
MP150A fimA MP150 fimA WT::lacZ 158 ± 10
MPF35A fimA MPF35 fimA WT::lacZ 17 ± 1
MPS10A fimA MPS10 fimA WT::lacZ 300 ± 16
  • a fimA WTrepresents wild-type promoter; fimA MP150represents the fimA promoter with a 150-bp deletion of positive regulatory sequence spanning position −240 to −90 of thefimA gene; fimA MPF35 represents thefimA promoter with a substitution mutation, from TTG to CCA, at position −46 to −44, affecting the −35 RNA polymerase binding site; fimA MPS10 represents the fimApromoter with a substitution mutation, from TAA to GCC, at position −11 to −9, which does not affect promoter activity.

  • b Miller units obtained from P. gingivalis grown at 37°C. Means ± standard deviations are indicated (n = 3).