Table 2.

In vitro and in vivo competition assays

Competing strainaRelevant genotypeCompetition indexbnc
In vitroIn vivo
DSM-V506ΔrpoS (pFY7)321.28
DSM-V717DSM-V506 cured of pFY74.20.125
DSM-V719DSM-V491 reverted1.11.18
DSM-V720DSM-V717 reverted2.90.885
  • a All competition assays were between the indicated strain and the isogenic wild-type strain C6709-1 (LacZ+) or AC-V168 (LacZ) unless otherwise indicated.

  • b Calculated by dividing mutant output number by wild-type output number and correcting the quotient for input deviations from 1:1.

  • c n, number of animals used per competition experiment. All competitions were conducted in duplicate. Results from a single representative experiment are shown.

  • d Competed against DSM-V714 (wild-type carrying pFY7).