Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

H. influenzae strainRelevant characteristicsSource or referenceb
Biogroup aegyptius strains
    F3031Brazilian invasive BPF isolate, type strain7
    F3028Brazilian invasive BPF isolate7
    ValparaisoBrazilian invasive BPF isolateCDC via A. Lesse
    ConnecticutUSA invasive BPF isolate48
    F4380Australian invasive BPF51
    F1947Brazilian noninvasive non-BPF isolate7
    F3043Brazilian noninvasive non-BPF isolateA. Lesse
Other H. influenzae strains
    AMC 36-A-3Type aATCC
    EaganType bS. Goodgal
    AMC 36-A-5Type cATCC
    AMC 36-A-6Type dATCC
    AMC 36-A-7Type eATCC
    AMC 36-A-8Type fATCC
    86-028NPNon-typeable, otitis isolateL. Bakaletz
  • a With the exception of F4380, Connecticut, and Valparaiso, all of the H. aegyptius strains contained the pF3031 plasmid.

  • b CDC, Centers for Disease Control; ATCC, American Type Culture Collection